Please Enjoy 2010

The first Please Enjoy workshop was held at Mobile HCI 2010 in Lisbon.

Below is the list of position papers from 2010:

  • Goranka Zoric and Elin Önnevall. Watching sports in pubs as an inspiration for the design of mobile live TV services pdf
  • Joana Dimas, Iolanda Leite, André Pereira, Pedro Cuba, Rui Prada, Ana Paiva.Pervasive Pleo: Long-term Attachment with Artificial Pets pdf
  • Trevor Pering. Playful Education: Facilitating Social Collaboration in the Classroompdf
  • Abdallah El Ali, Frank Nack, Lynda Hardman. Good Times?! Playful Aspects of Location-based Experience Capture. pdf
  • Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, and Jarmo Palviainen. Playful Experiences at Work. pdf
  • Martin Jonsson. Camversation – Talking with pictures. pdf
  • Dan Gilliam. Creating a Playful Experience When Least Expected. pdf
  • Secundino Correia, Juliana Costa, Ana Baptista, Marco Estanqueiro, Maria João Antunes, Inês Castro, Margarida Almeida.Migrating games to handheld devices: Little Mozart. pdf
  • Ben Kirman and Conor Linehan. Call for Capers: Naughtiness and Mischief in Mobile Play. pdf

This workshop was arranged by Ylva FernaeusHenriette Cramer,Hannu Korhonen and Joseph ‘Jofish’ Kaye.


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